Why Every Military Spouse Should Take Basic Hair Cutting Classes

As a military spouse, some of the tasks assigned to your active duty spouse fall on your shoulders. For example, maintaining the military uniform may require dry cleaning services. Due to busy schedules, you may have to be the one to take the uniforms into the cleaners and pick them up on a routine basis. Another task that may fall on you is your spouse's hair cut. Yes, there are barber shops on most bases, but some remote bases or armories don't have this luxury. Due to that, every military spouse should take basic hair cutting classes.

Saving Money

If you are an enlisted military family then you are well aware of the small income the job provides. By taking hair cutting lessons you can save the money that would normally be spent at the barber shop. You can also save money for basic haircuts on your children that can be even more expensive. Though you may need to make an initial investment in the class and the tools, the skills can more than make up for it.

Potential Extra Income

One of the key benefits for many military spouses taking hair cutting classes is the ability to bring in extra income. Once you have the basic training you may be able to get a job at a local salon or a license to offer haircuts out of your home. This can be a huge help if your spouse is just starting their career in the military and their rank, and pay scale, are on the lower end.

Knowledge of Hair Cutting Terms

There are times when you may hear through your spouse that a particular type of military cut is preferred by their chain of command. Though most command chains only require that the hair cut be within current regulations, some do have cuts they prefer. The knowledge of these terms, like what fades are and how to do them, can ensure that no matter what the request is you are able to help your spouse meet that request correctly.

Avoid Bad Cuts and Issues

When you move to a new town, especially a rural one, you may have a hard time finding a skilled barber that knows what you need. This could leave your spouse walking out paying a large amount of money for something that either doesn't meet regulations or looks terrible. If you take basic hair cutting lessons, then you can help your spouse avoid these issues and always look prepared for formations and duty.

These are just a few of the reasons every military spouse should take basic hair cutting classes. Most cosmetology colleges, such as Cannella School of Hair Design, will offer courses with military discounts. Look for these first and begin your training as soon as you are ready.

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