Tips For Choosing A Natural-Looking Wig After Chemotherapy

Of all the side effects produced by chemotherapy cancer treatment, hair loss can be the one that causes the most emotional distress. This can be especially true for patients that have always had thick, full hair. Today, many patients can avoid being embarrassed by a bald head caused by chemotherapy by wearing wigs made out of real human hair. Check out these tips for choosing the wig that will look like your real hair.

Measuring Your Head Correctly Is Important for The Perfect Fit

The wig you select needs to fit snugly in order for it to look like your real head of hair. If a wig is too big, it will slide around and look loose. Wigs that are too tight can cause you to have a headache, or they will not fit on your head at all. Using a cloth measuring tape is the best way to get the most accurate measurement of your head's circumference. Wrap the measuring tape around your head, keeping it on the hairline. Start at the front of your head, in the middle of your forehead, and wrap the tape around, stopping at the end of the tape where you started at. The figure you get will be the one you go by when selecting your wig.

Selecting A Wig That Is Close To Your Natural Hair Color Is Best

For a wig to appear as your real hair, selecting one that is a color close to your natural color is best. While it may be tempting to choose a color you have always liked, doing so can make your wig look less natural. Your wig's color should match up with your eyebrows and eyelashes and compliment your skin color. If you are choosing a wig at a professional retailer like Hair In A Pinch, the clerk can help you find the color that suits you best. Taking along a photo of you when you had your natural hair will also help you and the clerk find the right wig.

Real Human Hair Or Synthetic Hair Choices

You can choose a wig manufactured out of real hair, or you can choose one made from a synthetic material that looks like real hair. The difference between these two kinds of wigs is the kind of care you will need to provide for each one. You can treat a real human hair wig in the same way as your own hair, but it will not require as many washings because it's not connected to your scalp so it won't get oily.

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