Handling Your First Spray Tan Application

Spray tans have become a more common option for those who want a quick tan but who don't want the UV rays that come along with tanning booths and the beach. The image of a streaky, orange creature pretending to be just back from a beach vacation has long been replaced by the image of a professionally applied, even tan that really does look like you're just back from a beach vacation. However, your preparation and expectations play a large role in how well the spray adheres.

Start Light

For your first tan, try to go with a light coat. You can get varying levels of color, but because you don't have experience with how the spray color appears on your skin, it's best to look at light layers first. You can always request a darker tan the next time you go. Sometimes people suggest starting with a medium tan, and for many, this level does make them look as if they had a really, really good week tanning in the sun. However, if the tanning spray turns out to look rather odd on you, you're better off with a lighter tan that fades more quickly. That way, you can find another tanning company whose materials might look better on you.

Please Follow Preparation Instructions

Before you go in for the tan, you'll have to shave and exfoliate your skin. Please do this because the hairs and dead skin cells you need to get rid of can block the spray tan material from reaching your skin. You'd end up with blotchy results and faster fading if you went in with hairs and unexfoliated skin because once those hairs moved, or the skin cells fell off, you'd expose untanned skin.

Don't Get Impatient

Spray tan materials can take a few hours to fully develop. Think of a spray tan as one of those semi-instant photos you had to wave around and let dry before the picture fully developed. Don't assume that the tanning spray didn't work if you don't see results immediately. If you try to apply more tanning materials, you'll only ruin the tan that eventually does form.

For more details about how to care for a tan once it fully develops, and what you can expect over the next few weeks while you live with the tan, contact an organic spray tan company. You'll need to know about post-tanning exfoliation procedures (hint: don't) and other ways to make the color last.

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