5 Bathroom Accessories That Make Getting Ready For The Day Easier

Your bathroom is your personal space to get ready for the day, and you want the area to be as efficient as possible. Here are 5 bathroom accessories that make getting dressed, putting on makeup, and doing your hair much easier.

Swivel product holder

You've seen these in your local hair salon, and you can buy one for your bathroom to make housing your hair products much easier. A swivel holder has grooves in it for housing brushes, curling irons, blow dryers, and more that you can rotate to access just what you need. This makes accessing your daily beauty tools much easier and can save space in your bathroom at the same time.

Absorbent bath mat

To make your bathroom safer by preventing water spots from wet feet and legs, invest in an absorbent bath mat. When you step on the mat, water from your body is immediately seeped into the material, allowing you to keep your bathroom floor drip-free and safer to walk on when you are in a hurry.

Lighted makeup mirror

A bright white light surrounding your makeup mirror allows you to put your makeup on with ease. Buy a mirror that has a magnified side so you can make putting on false eyelashes and other tiny touch ups more accurate and easier to achieve. The white lighting also pinpoints any blending flaws so you have a cover shoot-ready face every time you leave the bathroom.

Tiered door hook

A tiered door hook that hangs over your bathroom door is the perfect way to house your clothing and shoes so they stay off the floor and remain dry while you are toweling off. Since you don't have to use any tools to install this type of hook, you can easily set it up in a matter of minutes to keep your bathroom organized while you get ready for the day.

Bathtub caddy

A bathtub caddy that hangs from your shower or faucet makes housing your shampoos, face washes, wash cloths, razors and more much easier. You can free up tub ledge space for other items and keep your liquid items from accidentally getting knocked over and spilling. The caddy is easy to hang and can be placed over nearly any type of faucet or shower head for easy access. As a bonus, you can hang this caddy up high if you wish to keep it out of the hands of young children.

Look for bathroom accessories like these when you're trying to simplify your day.

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