4 Nail Shapes to Choose From

When you are getting a manicure, one of the things that the person doing your manicure may ask you is what shape you would like to have your nails to be. There are more nail shapes than you might think there are, and you may want to get something different. However, if you don't know what all the shapes are, you won't be able to choose. So, what are all the different nails shapes?


If you ask for a square nail shape, then the person is going to let the sides of your nails be naturally shaped, and then they are going to square off the top. It will be perfectly flat, with 90-degree corners. This is a pretty low maintenance look, and it works well for people who like to have short nails since you don't need much nail to achieve this look. 


This may sound like a funny name, but it's a mashup of squared oval. With this nail shape, instead of having a perfectly flat nail edge with a 90-degree angle, the corners are more rounded, and the top isn't quite as flat. This is a pretty common nail shape that people ask for, and if you are wanting to have some nail art done after the person doing your nails finishes filing them, you might want to go with this style since it will make sure that there is plenty of nail to act as a canvas. The nail tech may also call it a rounded square shape. 


An oval nail is really good if you have long nails or you want to have long nails. If you look at your nails, an oval nail basically follows the shape of your fingers, with rounded sides and top. One nice benefit of choosing to use an oval nail shape is that they tend to make your fingers look longer, so if you don't like the way your fingers look, you may want to get that little visual help. 


Just like the knife or the shoe, the stiletto nail shape comes to a pretty thin, sharp point. Generally, your nail needs to be pretty long for this nail shape to work. If you want to go with this nail shape, you may have to get some artificial nails to make it work. 

If you are getting ready for a manicure, you want to make sure that you know what nail shape you want to have. For more information, contact a business such as Snazzy Creations.

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