Reasons To Tan In A Salon Rather Than Outside

When you want to get a tan, you've generally got two options — visit a local tanning salon or spend time outside. There are lots of benefits to the latter approach, and the idea of lying on the beach to get your tan can certainly be appealing. However, visiting a tanning salon is also a good option and one that can present many benefits that outdoor tanning cannot. Whether you're relatively new to tanning or enjoy tanning each spring in anticipation of the summer, here are some reasons to do it at a tanning salon.

Controlled Environment

A major advantage of tanning in a salon is that you're in a controlled environment. You can use the tanning bed to adjust exactly how much you want your skin to tan and be confident in the end result.

Outdoor tanning is a lot more challenging — and anyone who has tanned outdoors knows that it's easy to get burned by the sun rather than tanned. If you've had bad experiences outdoors or are feeling unsure about your ability to tan to your desired level, the tanning salon experience is a better choice.

No Tanlines

One of the challenges of tanning outdoors is that you'll be left with tan lines. Unless you have a private area — a deck off your home, for example — where you can tan in the nude, you'll need to wear some sort of swimwear or other attire, and this can leave you with tan lines that you may find undesirable.

In the privacy of a tanning salon, you can tan in the nude or with minimal clothing, which can give you little to no tan lines — something that you may prefer.

Access To Other Services

A big advantage of visiting a tanning salon is that there are often many other services that you can book at the same time. Tanning services are often just one of the options that are available to customers, so whether you book a manicure and a pedicure for before or after your session, or you visit a gym that has tanning services so that you can work out, have a massage, and then go tanning, you've got lots of options on how to spend time.

These are all things that aren't available to you when you tan at a beach or in another outdoor space. Visit a local tanning salon to see about enjoying each of these benefits over tanning outdoors.

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