How To Update Your Salon To Get More Customers

Does it seem like every salon that you walk into looks the same? Does it all seem like people go with natural decor that doesn't have a unique vibe? If you own a salon, step up your salon game and create a space that is creative, inviting, and will get people excited about getting their hair done at your spot. 

1. Have Fun With the Overall Design of Your Space

When you are designing your salon's space, try to have fun with it. Open spaces are the easiest to work with but you can close off each hair booth with tall barriers. When you are adding flooring, lighting, and sinks into your salon try to think outside of the box and get things that aren't traditionally used in a salon but that will function just fine in yours. For instance, rather than having traditional sinks that are used in most hair salons, consider getting large sink basins that look more industrial. 

2. Get Cute Salon Furniture

Salon furniture is an easy way for you to have fun with your space and make it look unique. Look for salon chairs that are both functional and that look a little bit unique. For instance, you can get them upholstered in a fun fabric like a hot pink leather that will add a flare. 

Because your waiting room is the first thing that customers see when they walk in the door, try to create a space that's fun, colorful, and that goes with your salon's overall vibe. In addition to having enough seating for everyone, also consider putting out a fun coffee table with magazines of hair inspiration; just in case you get a client that doesn't know yet what they want to do with their hair. 

3. Have A Selfie Wall

One of the best ways for you to get more clients is to have your customers post selfies of themselves while they are at your salon and tag you in it. Offer social media influencers a discount if they get their hair done at your salon and then have them post a picture of themselves in front of the selfie wall. One fun idea for a selfie wall is to cover an accent wall in wallpaper or a fun paint color like blush pink. Then, have someone make a sign for you that will show in pictures that says your salon's name.

For more information, contact a store that carries salon furniture.

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Does it seem like every salon that you walk into looks the same? Does it all seem like people go with natural decor that doesn't have a unique vibe? I

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