Make Gift Baskets That Include Natural Bath Products

If you want to give your friends and family members gift baskets for special occasions, think of including natural bath products as part of the gift. Not only will the gift be affordable, but bath products are something that can be used every day. The key to finding the best natural bath products is to read the labels to find out what the ingredients are. 

The point is to eliminate chemicals that could actually harm one's body. Instead, natural bath products will be gentle on the skin and can actually hydrate it. In addition, one can have the peace of mind that the ingredients will be kind to the environment. 

Here are some ideas that might help you to create gift baskets that will be well received.

Start With The Natural Bath Products - Concentrate on buying three different bath products that are made with only pure ingredients.

  • Bath Soap - When you look for soap, look for ingredients like cocoa butter, avocado, chamomile, carrot oil, and caster oil.
  • Bath Oil - Natural bath oils could include oils like lavender, coconut, geranium, TeaTree, lemon, orange and/or sage oil.
  • Body Lotion - For after bath body lotion, look for ingredients like organ oil, East Indian sandalwood, coconut oil and rose water.

In addition to the pure oils that have been listed, having Vitamin C and Vitamin E on the list of ingredients for natural bath products will make them even better.

Coconut oil that is used for baking and cooking will be perfect as a face cream both during the day and at night. 

Create The Gift Basket - It's probable that some of the gift baskets will be more simple and less expensive than other ones. 

For instance, if you are wanting just a small thinking-of-you gift, a small basket with natural bath soap, a pretty washcloth and a package of herbal tea would be perfect.

For a mid-priced gift, obviously you would go with a larger basket to contain your presents. The basket could contain bath soap, bath oil, and a gift card to a boutique.

If you have anybody on your list who will be receiving a substantial gift, think of going with a large picnic basket for the container. Fill it with natural bath soaps, bath oils and lotions. Things like a beautiful nightgown, a luxurious Terry cloth bath robe, a new best seller book and a box of decadent treats would certainly make an impressive gift.

Think of keeping natural bath products on hand to use as gifts for unexpected special occasions.  

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If you want to give your friends and family members gift baskets for special occasions, think of including natural bath products as part of the gift.

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