Scalp Micropigmentation Is A Solution To Consider When You're Dealing With Hair Loss

If you have areas of hair loss and you're unhappy with the way your hair looks, you may keep your hair shaved short. However, shaving your head may not be a perfect solution either since part of your head may show roots while another is bald. A better solution might be scalp micropigmentation. Here's how it helps manage your hair loss and makes your life easier.

Scalp Micropigmentation Is A Permanent Cosmetic

Scalp micropigmentation is different from a scalp tattoo in regard to the type of pigment used and the technique of application. Micropigmentation is done by making tiny dots with a needle and pigment. Multiple sessions are required, as the dots made during the first session are likely to fade.

Scalp micropigmentation treatments are spread several days apart, with the second and third sessions given to darken the dots and define the shape of your hairline. When finished, the dots look like hair roots after you've had a close buzz shave. Although micropigmentation is like permanent make-up, it does eventually need to be touched up. That's because your scalp sheds skin cells and after a few years, you'll need a touch-up to keep the dots dark. However, the pigment itself does not change color like tattoo ink often does.

Scalp Pigmentation Gives You A Permanent Buzz Cut

Scalp pigmentation doesn't stimulate hair growth, and it doesn't affect the hair you have. If you're bald, then the pigmentation gives you the appearance of having a permanent buzz cut. If you have long hair in some places on your head, you'll probably be encouraged to cut it short so it blends in better with the pigmentation. In that case, you'll still need to shave your head, but when you do, the pigmentation makes it look like you still have a head full of hair roots.

Scalp Micropigmentation Isn't Too Painful

Tiny needles are used to deliver pigment with micropigmentation. Plus, the needles don't go as deep as tattoo needles. Since the technique involves tiny punctures rather than scraping, the procedure isn't as painful as getting a tattoo. However, you might feel some discomfort, depending on your pain level tolerance. It could take a few hours to complete the procedure, and during that time, you can relax or play games on your phone so you stay distracted and to help the time pass.

You might have scalp redness for a couple of days after the procedure, but you can usually go back to normal activities, including wearing a hat. Your micropigmentation specialist may provide you with instructions that advise you to avoid strenuous activities for a few days so you don't sweat profusely and avoid swimming and certain other activities for a couple of weeks. However, you won't have any downtime from work unless you just want to take off for a day or two.

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