What's Wrong with Normal Cotton?

That cotton top you are wearing may be comfortable, but normal cotton is one of the most chemically-saturated crops known to mankind. Even genetic modification hasn't yielded significant benefits. By making the switch to organic cotton, you can not only do something for the environment, but you can also improve your health.

How is Organic Cotton Different?

When a farmer removes chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides from the equation, agriculture gets challenging. Add a list of rules to earn the “organic” label, and it's downright difficult. Organic farmers have to ensure the survival of their crop by investing in the essentials of plant health: good soil, good location and good friends.

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Organic cotton clothing isn't something that found in the average mall. Maybe someday that will change. But for now the internet is the place to build an organic wardrobe. There are many natural clothing retailers who use organic cotton, and often they will have side benefits like low-impact dyes and fair-trade standards as well.